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Website interaction


No matter how interesting a presentation may be, in the process of time the concentration of spectators drop, no matter how interesting a story is. 

So … how do you keep your audience captivated?

By involving your audience interactively during a presentation, you keep the energy level high and you get input at the same time, which draws more attention to your story. 

MWee has various tools that ensures a more measurable involvement in meetings, conferences and events. This creates a first-class public experience.

Everyone gets the chance to be involved and to have a voice in discussions. Participants can share ideas, react by adding a “like” to them and give feedback from their own smartphone. 

An optional anonymous mode can also be used to increase engagement and maximize participation, regardless to the scenario or environment. This can help to initiate dynamic and interactive discussions that leads to better decisions and understanding. 

First-class public experience by measurable involvement

An anonymous polling and survey function offers the possibility to hear what people really think and with which unrestrained feedback can be collected. Anonymous questions and answers increase  interaction during lectures and meetings, as more people are willing to contribute with questions and their honest feedback when their identity is private. This allows faster and more effective decisions to be made because the data on which they are based, is reliable. 

If the anonymity function is chosen, sessions are really anonymous. There is no way to identify participants and their answers. Data privacy and security are taken very seriously. 


Measuring data; safe and completely privacy proof

MWee helps to bring meetings, lectures or conferences to life by increasing involvement and interaction. With customization options, the app can seamlessly reflect a brand or corporate identity and promote a theme. For example, choose to customize the app with theme colors and add images and text to create a custom look. Whoever organizes an internal communication meeting, transforms the app into an internal business tool. 
Have a conference or theme lecture? Images of guest speakers, institutional logos or an agenda can be added to welcome participants and set the tone. 

Interaction ensures involvement and energetic fun events!

Presentations nowadays require a complete makeover,
which turns one-way traffic into a lively dialogue.